Failing To Get Leads At Trade Shows? 3 Reasons Why

The primary goal of trade shows is to establish brand recognition, but just below this is the goal of establishing leads. Recognition is awesome, but if you can't translate this into sales – this is a problem. If you're not having success in this area, your performance at the event could be a major part of the problem. Learn what you can do to garner more leads going forward.

You're Not Standing Out

At trade shows it's all about the wow factor. The average attendee doesn't have any knowledge or history of your brand so if you look like everyone else, they may think you're just like everyone else and pass you by. You want to draw people in through their eyes.

Use a mixture of colors (complimentary of the brand colors), add sound and multiple visuals, including screens that showcase your brand, as well as actual prototypes. For help in this area, it's a great idea to partner with a professional booth design company.

Your Team Isn't Knowledgeable

Once you attract their eye, you then need to follow this up with an awesome sales pitch. No matter how great you are with words or how inviting of a personality you have, if you aren't knowledgeable about what you're speaking about, your efforts will fall flat.

Ensure your entire trade show team is knowledgeable by relying on the best of the best. Sit down as a team and ensure everyone is well versed in every area of the service or product you plan to showcase. It's also helpful to do a little role playing to help your team build their confidence.

You Don't Have a Plan for Follow Up

If you don't have a plan for follow up, this can also be a reason why you aren't walking away with good leads. Many companies will end their sales pitch by inviting the individual to visit their website or on a social media platform. This is a great idea, but it's also a missed opportunity.

It's even better to take this a step further by collecting some information from them, such as their email address. With this info, you have an open line of communication with the lead well after the show has ended. You can also use this data to better track how many leads you gained from the event.

Just how successful you are going forward is highly dependent on your ability to not just perform, but over perform. Aim high and partner with a professional, such as at Arc and Co., to get more leads from your next event.